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Diseño y soporte de productos

Rochester Sensors has been supplying engineered custom product solutions for over one hundred years to the OEM market place. Key elements to our success have been an excellent engineering, design and development team. Our expertise in our customer applications have demonstrated our leadership in the global market place. All of our engineered products are based on the latest design technologies, lean manufacturing processes and techniques, and the highest grade of quality materials suitable for the application. Rochester Sensors is the measurement of excellence which defines our quality commitment to our customers.


• Engineered customer product designs
• Extensive knowledge of customer industries and environments
• Willingness to pursue custom solutions that best fit customer’s application
• Cost effective reliable technology
• Rapid prototyping (concept model fabrication)
• Printed circuit board design and prototyping
• In-house engineering and finite analysis software
• Environmental testing capabilities
• Vibration and shock test capabilities
• Test and measurement: Cycle life, Vacuum pressure, thermal, pull and impact
• Continuous product and process improvement
• ISO 9001:2008


• Capacitive
• Hall Effect
• Reed Switch
• Thick Film
• Magnetically Coupled Level Senders

To find out how Rochester can custom design a product for your specific use, contact our one of our Sales Representatives.