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Revolutionary TEK 880 Radar Monitor Granted FCC Approval

December, 11 2023 (Coppell, Texas) –Rochester Sensors is now FCC certified for the new TEK 880 Radar Cellular Tank Level Monitor. The FCC is the independent agency of the US Government which regulates communications across the United States. Also, the TEK 880 Radar cellular monitor is ATEX and UL 913 Class 1 Division 1 Zone 0 certified.

As an extension of our core IoT hardware offering, the ATEX/C1D1 Radar device is a low profile, non-invasive, continuous liquid level sensor. Suitable for a wide variety of tank level applications, this unit brings customers state-of-the-art technology at competitive pricing.

The TEK 880 Cellular Radar Monitor is well-suited for applications on IBCs. These are otherwise known as totes, plastic tanks, or poly vessels. Radar signals can penetrate non-conductive products like plastic / polypropylene. This allows the signal to ignore the vessel structure. The reflection of the signal from the medium supplies the required measurement. Featuring non-invasive installation, bung holes and tank openings are not needed on IBCs when using the TEK 880. Aside from IBC’s, the TEK 880 is suited for steel and other metal tanks.

Reliable analysis has a vital role to play in ensuring processes in a hazardous environment run smoothly. Problems and costly shutdowns are avoided by using continuous monitoring. Rochester Sensors technology offers real-time visibility, greater asset management, and improved sustainable business planning.
The TEK 880 Cellular Radar Monitor device uses 60 GHz radar technology to measure the fluid liquid level of the tank. The data is communicated via a binary message to a remote server via a TCP connection. This is then communicated over cellular networks, via LTE CAT-M1 or NB-IoT.

“Our new TEK 880 Radar represents the next generation of tank management solutions. With FCC and C1D1 certification, our customers can have peace of mind. They know that our TEK 880 Radar Monitor meets high regulatory and safety standards. This makes it ideal for use in hazardous and challenging environments. The TEK 880 Radar is already garnering huge interest for tank monitoring applications across the chemicals, water, fuels & lubricants, biopharma, agri-food, and other sectors. We are proud to have achieved these certification milestones. Rochester Sensors will continue to innovate and supply competitive high-quality products for our customers.” stated Sr. Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, Glen MacGibbon”.

The TEK 880 Cellular Radar Monitor is affordable, accurate, dependable, smart, and robust. It is easy to install and has flexible configuration options. This allows one to choose a reporting schedule with continuous or spot inventory management. Further, its GPS location functionality is an important feature for users of totes and other non-stationary tanks. A PVDF housing is available for harsher chemical environments.

Now on the market, email to learn more or download our technical datasheet here.

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