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Revolutionizing Propane Tank Monitoring Rochester Unveils the SureSense™ Capacitive Level Sensor

April 4, 2024 (Coppell, Texas) – Rochester, a pioneer in sensor technologies, proudly unveils the game changing SureSense™ Capacitive Level Sensor, setting a new standard in liquid level measurement for propane tanks with its patent pending features and unparalleled reliability. Diverging from conventional methods reliant on mechanical systems, this device harnesses cutting-edge capacitive technology to precisely measure liquid propane levels. This breakthrough eradicates interference challenges between the sensor, tank wall, and internal components, ensuring consistent performance alongside state-of-the-art design elements, culminating in enhanced overall system accuracy.

SureSense™ integrates a suite of innovative features that collectively establish it as a dependable, low-maintenance solution for tank level monitoring. Notably, its Mechanical-Free Operation obviates the need for any moving parts within the tank, thus augmenting reliability and significantly reducing maintenance demands. The device also hosts a Replaceable Electronics Module, powered by a durable battery, furnishing periodic BLE broadcast output and a visual LCD readout. This empowers users to conveniently monitor tank levels in person, while telemetry units establish remote connections for continuous monitoring. Additionally, its advanced algorithm detects tank filling processes, dynamically increasing the reading refresh rate to 1-second. This enables technicians to seamlessly observe the filling operation locally, minimizing excess propane venting events.

Safety compliance stands as a paramount concern for SureSense™, as it aligns with typical IECEX/ATEX/UKEX/CSA/UL safety requirements, certified for Class 1 Division 1 (Zone 0) hazardous locations. With a Long Battery Life of up to 10 years, the electronics module can be effortlessly replaced at the end of its service interval, ensuring uninterrupted and worry-free operation.

Download our technical datasheet here: Data Sheet