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Rochester Gauges Products Available with Immediate Shipping on Digi-Key Global Sales Platform

April 2021 (Warwick, UK) Rochester Gauges products available with immediate shipping on Digi-Key Global Sales Platform.

OEM specification liquid level sensors and switches ready to ship and with an MOQ of one unit.

Sold under the recently acquired Fozmula brand, Rochester Gauges is pleased to announce that a selection of the company’s liquid level sensors and switches are now available via the Digi-Key Marketplace.

According to John Petersen, Sales and Marketing Manager for Fozmula, this is the first time the company has offered products for sale online. “Until today, we have concentrated on building custom sensors, switches and gauges for OEMs in the power generation and vehicle engineering sectors resulting in over twenty thousand individual part numbers. We have selected the most popular of these and designed some new, customizable sensors and switches that we believe will appeal to designers working on prototypes, or low volume machines that need to monitor liquid levels in unique fuel, oil, coolant, and water tanks. The Digi-Key platform is perfect for this as it enables customers to buy individual units for immediate shipment”.

“We are excited to add Rochester Gauges to the Digi-Key Marketplace,” said David Stein, Vice President of Global Supplier Management for Digi-Key. “Rochester Gauges’ range of liquid level sensors allow us to deliver innovative solid state capacitance technology to engineers across a range of disciplines helping them solve liquid level monitoring challenges with an OEM-quality product.”

Rochester Gauges is offering a selection of capacitance type coolant and oil level switches with a choice of popular mounting threads, electrical connectors and switching options. Developed with custom tank fabricators in mind the company has also produced a capacitance type fuel level sensor that can be cut to length and calibrated by a customer’s technician. Capacitance sensors and switches are solid state, maintenance free devices. Without any moving parts to stick or jam they offer improved reliability, accuracy and repeatability when compared to the electro-mechanical alternatives.

“We’re delighted to have agreed to this valuable partnership with Digi-Key. It enables us to reach a much wider marketplace for our innovative liquid level sensors and switches. In the near future we’ll be adding a customizable feature and more products encompassing unique technologies bringing even greater choice to the customers of this exceptional online resource” added Glen MacGibbon, Rochester Gauges’ Senior VP for Sales and Marketing.


Rochester Gauges is a manufacturer of gauges and sensors that measure liquid levels of various fuels, including propane, gasoline, and diesel for many different applications, such as residential and commercial propane tanks , forklifts, RV’s, lawn and garden equipment, tractors , marine and personal aircraft. Rochester
has manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Brussels, Belgium with a sales office in Shanghai, China. Rochester was acquired by Renovo Capital in 2018. For further information: and Rochester Gauges listing on Digi-Key can be found here

About Fozmula Limited

Fozmula is a UK based manufacturer of equipment primarily designed for the control, monitoring and protection of internal combustion engines, generator sets and vehicles. Fozmula’s products include sensors, switches and gauges for the control and monitoring of fuel level, coolant level, temperature, and pressure. Established in 1977, the company specializes in solid state level sensors that enable continuous measurement of fuel, oil or coolant levels using in house developed capacitive technology. Not have any moving parts, these devices offer improved accuracy and reliability when compared to the mechanical alternatives.
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