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6318 Jr Wireless Dial

Remote-read BLE output sensors for use with existing ASME Tanks and DOT Cylinders

The 6318 Jr Wireless Dial provides a wireless connection between a Rochester Sensors mechanical gauge and the corresponding telemetry system. The self-contained dial reads from the gauge in the tank and broadcasts via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) output to a telemetry system. The 6318 can be retrofitted on existing applications, replacing a conventional dial and R3D module. An integrated LCD provides a percentage full reading in an easy to see display.

The dial is designed to support a 10-year battery life. The 6318 Jr Wireless Dial can be replaced at the end of the service interval. The 6318 Wireless Dial is not user serviceable.

The wireless operation simplifies installation and eliminates any issues with cable connection and subsequent damage during operation. The Wireless transmission allows the telemetry unit to be located farther from the tank to optimize cellular transmission. The 6318 conforms to similar intrinsic safety requirements as the 9700 Series Modules: Class 1 Div 1 for IECEx/ATEX/UKEX/CSA.

The 6318 Jr Wireless Dial is compatible with Rochester Sensors standard 1.5” gauges including medium-duty spiral gauge. It is available in both a snap-on and screw-on versions to replace existing direct read and R3D junior dials.

The 6318 Jr Wireless Dial acquires level readings from a tank on 15 second intervals. The sensor broadcasts via BLE every 2.2 seconds. This transmission occurs automatically and does not require pairing with a handheld or similar device. The local LCD is updated every time the sensor takes a new measurement. The 6318 Jr Wireless Dial incorporates a fill detect mode. When a fill is detected, the 6318 sensor will acquire new level readings every second and update the LCD. The 6318 sensor will exit fill mode automatically.

The Rochester Sensors 6318 Jr Wireless Dial supports over-the-air firmware updates via the Bluetooth interface.

General Information and Features

  • Nylon housing offers excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance.
  • No exposed sensing elements, all components are located on the PCB inside the housing.
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 / IP69K rated.
  • Over-the-air firmware update capability
  • Snap-on and screw-on versions

Key Benefits

  • No exposed cables
  • Fast installation time
  • Easy to read digital display shows tank volume in 1% increments.
  • Rugged plastic housing
  • Fully sealed, IK9 impact rating
  • Field replaceable at end of lifetime

LCD Status Indicators
The 6318 sensor is equipped with a 2-digit 7-segment LCD display. The LCD will show status codes to indicate different conditions. Some status codes are considered errors while some are considered warnings and will affect the level value system wide. Refer to each code for an expected behavior. Refer to Appendix A for all system errors and warnings.

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