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1250 series - Temperature Transmitter

The 1250 series Temperature Transmitter provides a temperature input to an e-DialTM transmitter to enable temperature compensation for propane tanks. The 1250 Transmitter operates wirelessly and transmits a signal to a companion e-DialTM on a periodic basis. The transmitter has 1⁄2” NPT threads to fasten directly into the temperature port on a XXXX tank.

The temperature sensor contains an integrated battery system enabling wireless installation. The companion e-DialTM receives a temperature measurement from the sensor and integrates that signal to provide temperature compensation on the level measurement of the e-DialTM. The temperature sensor periodically sends a battery voltage along with the temperature.

• Temperature input to e-DialTM enabling temperature compensation.
• Wireless temperature sensing for other 1⁄2” NPT threaded, sealed applications.
• Can be used in multiple fluid types without factory recalibration.

The threaded portion is constructed from 304 stainless steel. The unit is IP67K rated to enable use in unprotected environments. Thermal grease is recom- mended on the thermowell during installation.

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