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6320 SureSense™ Capacitance Propane Level Sensor

BLE output sensor and capacitance probe for use with high pressure propane tanks

The 6320 SureSense™ Capacitance level sensor measures liquid level in a propane tank without relying on a mechanical system. The capacitive technology used in the 6320 removes any moving parts inside the tank eliminating interference between the sensor, tank wall, and other components. The replaceable electronics module is battery powered and provides a periodic BLE broadcast output and a visual digital readout. These options not only allow users to read the tank level in person but enable telemetry units to connect and monitor the level as well. The device conforms to typical IECEX/ATEX/UKEX/CSA safety requirements for use in Class 1 Division 1 (Zone 0) hazardous locations.

The electronics module is designed to support a 10-year battery life and can be replaced at the end of its service interval. The probe inside the tank is permanently mounted and left in place when the electronics module is replaced. The electronics module is not user serviceable.

A local LCD shows the current tank level in percentage on a large, easy-to-read display. The LCD is always on and is automatically updated anytime the sensor reads a new level. Sensor status information is displayed on the LCD as well as level to assist the user in maintaining their propane level.

Wireless operation simplifies installation and eliminates common issues with cable connection and cable damage. A broadcast occurs every 2.2 seconds so telemetry units can scan at any time and get the latest level and sensor status. The broadcast status will indicate additional information such as errors and low or high warnings. Estimated battery life is included in the broadcast and can be used to create an estimated battery percentage. The Rochester 6320 supports OTA (Over the air) firmware updates via the Bluetooth interface.

The Rochester 6320 SureSense™ Capacitance Propane Level Sensor is a versatile sensing unit with no moving parts. A new level reading is acquired every 15 seconds and will update the LCD and BLE broadcast on the fly. The 6320 SureSense™ incorporates a fill detect mode. When a fill is detected, the 6320 sensor will acquire new level readings every second and update the LCD. The 6320 will automatically exit fill detect mode.

The capacitive sensing element is permanently installed into the tank and the calibration data for the unit is stored inside it. Replacing the electronics is simple and can be performed when the battery is consumed without the user needing to perform any set up or calibration to use the system.

Wide Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C

Probe Assembly

  • No moving parts
  • Excellent accuracy especially at low tank levels
  • Mechanically robust, designed for the rigors of transporting and setting tanks & cylinders.
  • Sensor mounting options include 4-bolt and various NPTF adapter sizes.
  • Patented probe seal – designed to prevent content leakage under extreme conditions.

General Information and Features

  • Polycarbonate housing offers excellent mechanical properties, UV, and chemical resistance.
  • No exposed sensing elements, all components are located on the PCB inside the housing.
  • Housing: IK9 impact rating
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K9 rated.

Key Benefits

  • BLE broadcast for simple and robust communications
  • Fast installation time
  • Easy to read digital display shows tank volume in 1% increments.
  • Rugged plastic housing
  • 1” NPTF threaded connection to tank standard. Contact your local Rochester Sensors sales team for additional mounting options.

LCD Status Indicators
The 6320 sensor is equipped with a 2-digit 7-segment LCD display. The LCD will show the level in 1% increments with time-multiplexed status codes to indicate different sensor conditions. Some status codes are considered errors while some are considered warnings. Refer to each code for an expected system behavior. Refer to Appendix A for all system errors and warnings.

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