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9704 Gen 4 Modules

Remote Ready Modules for ASME Domestic Tanks & DOT Cylinders (Jr. & Sr. R3D Dials)

Rochester Gen4 -3V Hall Effect Module snap-fits into the recess of existing Rochester Junior/Senior R3D Remote Ready Dial lens providing a ratiometric voltage output proportional to the liquid volume inside the tank.

General Information & Features

  • Cable length up to 25ft max (6 ft. standard length) with flying leads • Three Conductor Cable for Power, Ground, and Signal
  • Accuracy: Voltage output +/- 2% (full scale) of visual dial indication.
    (Float gauge errors not included).
  • Repeatability: +/- 1%
  • Operational Voltage Range: 2.6 to 5.5 VDC
  • Output Voltage: Ratiometric, percent of supply voltage, 1:1 Ratio
    • o 0.25V min to Vcc-0.25 max • Resolution: Infinite
  • Operating Current: 3.5mA TYP @ 5.0 VDC with 1M load
  • Recommended Device Input Impedance: > 500k for optimal performance
  • Turn-on time to valid output voltage: 5 mS TYP

* To ensure indicator registers empty, set empty indication to at least 0.5 volts.

Data Sheet

Remote Ready Modules for ASME Domestic Tanks & DOT Cylinders (Jr. & Sr. R3D Dials)

Ordering Information

Rochester Part No: 9704-RD1XXM
Description: XX – Specify length of cable for module (Standard length is 6 ft-06)

Reference the following documents for nominal output voltages corresponding with dial graduations: DS-1828: ASME Horizontal Tanks, Vertical Tanks/DOT Cylinders, and Industrial Tanks (Fractional)

Reference DS-2010A for module installation instructions

Warning: For LP-Gas and other flammable product service applications, connect only to circuits and power sources classified and labeled Intrinsically Safe for Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D hazardous locations. Connection of non-intrinsically safe power could result in fire or explosion of flammable vapor which may be present.

Warning: Sensor not to be used as the primary means of determining high or low fuel condition. It must not be used in the absence of redundant systems in critical applications where there may be significant safety risk or financial exposure in the event of fuel overfill or fuel exhaustion condition. This sensor is not to be used for tank filling.

Warning: Level Gauging devices and sensors sold by Rochester Sensors. are components only.
The purchaser/installer is solely responsible for the application of these components and ensuring all necessary steps have been taken to assure each application and use meets all performance and applicable safety requirements, and/or local, national and/or international safety codes as required by the application. Rochester Sensors. cannot certify that our products used solely or in conjunction with other Rochester Sensors. or other vendors’ products will assure desired performance and safety for any application.

Any person using or applying any products sold by Rochester Sensors. is responsible for learning the performance and safety requirements for their individual application and applying them, and therefore assumes, all risks, and accepts full and complete responsibility of the product for their respective application. Rochester Sensors. does not provide system design or consulting services, and cannot advise whether any specific application or use of our products would ensure compliance with all performance and safety requirements for any application.

Hall Effect modules are Classified as intrinsically safe for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D Hazardous Locations. See SD-580 for control drawing.

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    Revised 06/07/2021