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T/LL200 - Hydrostatic Liquid Level Sensor

The T/LL200 series is designed for use in vented tanks requiring continuous level measurement of their contents and provides a factory set linear*voltage or 4-20mA output suitable for connecting into a PLC or process related applications. (The T/LL200 is not a loop powered sensor).

The device has no moving parts and utilizes hydrostatic technology incorporating a pressure transducer to measure the height of liquid. The flexible tube allows the sensor to be fitted easily and to tanks where a swing arm device is not practical.

*Contact Fozmula for non-linear applications.

Data Sheet
Installation Instructions

Liquid Types
Liquids compatible with the construction materials; typically diesel, kerosene, petrol, water.


  • Liquid Depth Diesel: Min. 400 mm, Max. 4000 mm
  • Liquid Depth Water: Min. 400 mm, Max. 3500 mm
  • Threads: ½” BSPT, 1” BSPT, ½” NPT
  • Flange Option: Fozmula F/T1 SAE 5 Hole


  • Supply Voltage: 9-32 VDC (Voltage output), 18-32 VDC (Current output)
  • Supply Current: 30 mA
  • Supply Protection: Over-voltage 80 VDC for 2 minutes. Reverse polarity.
  • Signal Output: Current Range. 4-20 mA or 20 -4 mA. Max. 250 Ω load.
  • Alarm Output: Voltage source range. 0-5 V or 5-0 V. Max. 10 mA. Switch to ground. Max 100 mA. Default setting is 12.5% of full level. Minimum 50 mm from sensor end.
  • Connections: 4 Way Delphi Packard Metri-Pack 150 Series.
  • Mating Connector: Fozmula C/K1 (Delphi Packard Metri-Pack 150) To fit 0.8-1.0 mm2 conductor, Ø1.6-2.15 mm sleeve.
  • Performance Accuracy: ±1.6% for 2000 mm fluid depth @ 25 °C

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