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Remote-read BLE output sensors for ASME Tanks/DOT Cylinders

April 5, 2024 – (Coppell, Texas) Introducing the groundbreaking advancement from Rochester Sensors: the 6318 Jr BLE Wireless Dial. The 6318 enables remote-read of ASME Tanks/DOT Cylinders equipped with Rochester Sensors float level gauges. Revolutionize your tank monitoring experience with this cutting-edge wireless solution, engineered to streamline installations, enhance accuracy, and redefine convenience.
Bid farewell to cumbersome cable connections as the 6318 Jr Wireless Dial establishes a seamless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between your mechanical gauge and telemetry system. Experience simplified installations without concerns of cable damage during operation.

Monitor tank levels with unparalleled clarity through the integrated LCD display equipped with a cutting edge algorithm that detects the “tank filling” process. It immediately increases the refresh rate of the system to enable a technician to locally observe the filling operation on the display seamlessly before the desired tank level is reached minimizing excess propane venting events. Effortlessly upgrade existing applications by retrofitting the 6318 Jr Wireless Dial, boasting a remarkable 10-year battery life.

Maximize efficiency by positioning your telemetry unit farther from the tank, optimizing cellular transmission with the wireless operation of the 6318 Jr Wireless Dial. Certified for use in Class 1 Div 1 (Zone 0) areas to IECEx/ATEX/UKEX/CSA/UL intrinsic safety requirements, its rugged nylon housing ensures durability in varied applications.

Experience dynamic level readings during fills with the fill-detect mode, and seamlessly replace the 6318 Jr Wireless Dial at the end of its service interval without interrupting operations.

Embrace fast installation, reliable performance, and unmatched convenience with the 6318 Jr Wireless Dial. Upgrade your operations today and embrace the future of telemetry.

Download our technical datasheet here: Data Sheet