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家用油罐、DOT 气缸和汽车燃料的四个螺栓测量仪

Junior gauges are supplied standard with 0015-00007 Buna-N gasket and four 0040-00414 zinc-plated steel mounting bolts (1⁄4″ — 28 x 7⁄8″) for attachment to a gauge adapter with 2.03″ [51,5] diameter bolt circle (see installation instructions MS-501/502).

6281和6284型号的初级仪表用于上述地面 ASME 存储罐配备 R3D®远程就绪5909S02733 百分比刻度盘。6281型初级仪表使用在地下 ASME 储罐配备 R3D®远程就绪5909S02799 百分比刻度盘。型号6241和6244用于 ASME 发动机油箱的初级仪表可选择直接读取、TwinSite®或霍尔效应刻度盘。

6240系列和 B6240 系列中的所有仪表均采用更强的磁铁, 在电机燃料应用中驱动远程读取 TwinSite®发件人。

All Senior gauges except models 6290 and 6293 come equipped with 0015-00004
Buna-N gaskets and four 0040-00415 zinc plated steel mounting bolts,
(5⁄16″ — 24 x 7⁄8″), for attachment to a gauge adapter with 2.5″ [63,5] diameter bolt circle (see Rochester Adapter Machining Standard MS-502). Model 6280 and 6283 Senior gauges used on above ground ASME storage tanks are equipped with direct-reading 5001S00001 percentage dials.

型号6290和6293使用不锈钢头的高级仪表可用于高于 3500 [13250 升] 加仑容量的地面水平或立式 ASME 储罐, 并配备盖螺栓、聚四氟乙烯填充、不锈钢垫片、更强磁铁和直读4″直径百分比刻度盘。油箱图纸必须为所有立式水箱提供, 因此我们可以推荐计算机生成的仪表适配器位置, 以对应于为立式水箱校准的标准表盘和表盘套件。

Data Sheet
MS-501/502 Installation Instructions
Adapters 22 Series – Senior Forged Steel
Adapters 22 Series – Senior Machined Steel

初级模型 描述
6281 对于顶部安装, 包括标准磁铁驱动直读拨号。
6284 与6281相同, 但侧面、末端或角度安装除外。
6241 对于顶部安装, 包括更坚固的磁铁来驱动双站点®发送器。
6244 用于侧面、端部或角度安装, 否则与6241相同
B6244 与6244相同, 但黄铜头除外
高级模特 描述
6280 对于顶部安装, 包括标准磁铁驱动直读拨号。
6283 与6280相同, 但侧面、端部或角度安装除外。
6290 对于顶部安装, 包括更强的磁铁驱动大 4 "表盘。
6293 与6290相同, 但侧面、端部或角度安装除外。

一般规格 *

Standard range is -40°F to 176°F, -40°C to 80°C with optional stainless steel mounting bolts which maybe required for temperatures below -20°F, -29°C.

Accuracy depends upon proper gauge sizing. Junior and Senior dials ±5%, 4” dials ± 4%, TwinSite® dials ±8%. Hall dial output ±4% of visual reading. Accuracy may be less depending upon tank shape. Accuracy may be less near full and empty. Accuracy may be less if tank is not level. Accuracy may be less due to variations in liquid temperature. This gauge is not to be used for filling. All accuracy estimates are expressed as percent of full scale.

For high humidity below ground or under chassis applications, brass, stainless steel or painted aluminum heads are recommended.

Shock & Vibration
Suitable for mobile service applications.

0.5 watts maximum dissipation for TwinSite® versions.

Work Pressure
375 psi. [25,5 Bar].

Gauges are UL listed for LP Gas service applications.


1. Gauge head size, Junior or Senior, or model #.
2. Tank diameter shown on nameplate.
3. Mounting location (top, side, end or angle).
4. If the gauge is angle mounted, state angle.
5. If the gauge is end mounted, state the shape of the tank head (hemispherical or semi-ellipsoidal).
6. Specify the “H” dimension (the distance in inches from the surface of the tank to the gasket surface on the riser).

要订购更换仪表, 只需提供在仪表头一侧的一个平面部分上盖章的信息, 如下例所示。

Note: For installation instructions see MS-501/502 (mounting standard).

MS-501 _ 502

建筑材料 *

Aluminum die casting standard. Model B6244 has brass head. Models 6290 and 6293 have stainless steel head.

Gear Housing
Aluminum die-casting or acetal.

Centershaft Bearings, Gear, Pinion, Cross Stud & Bearing, & Dial Screws
Stainless steel.

Support, Centershaft & Float Rod
Tempered aluminum.

Float Bulb
Nitrile rubber or one piece aluminum.



Buna-N standard. Spiral wound, Teflon-filled, stainless steel on models 6290 and 6293.

Mounting Bolts
Zinc-plated steel. (Stainless steel optional.)

Junior Direct Reading Dials & TwinSite® Senders
Ultrasonically sealed polycarbonate.

Senior Dials
Aluminum with acrylic or polycarbonate crystal, sealed with rubber gasket.

4″ Dials
Aluminum with glass crystal, sealed with a rubber gasket.

* 材料和规格如有更改, 恕不另行通知。压力额定值可能会因温度和其他环境因素而发生变化。



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