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Toda la construcción de acero inoxidable para su uso en aplicaciones de N-Serve

The A6400 magnetic liquid-level gauge is especially designed for use in NH3 with chemical additives. Gauges are available for all tanks and any mounting position.

General Information & Features
These gauges are built to the highest standards of manufacturing and thoroughly field tested. The magnetic construction permits the complete sealing-off of the inside liquid from the outside gauge head and dial. This eliminates many hazards and permits dial replacement quickly without loss of liquid by simply removing two screws. All dial capsules are easy-to-read, hermetically sealed, vacuum tested and eliminate fogging. Dial pointers are silicone dampened. These gauges are UL listed for NH3 or LPG service.

La unidad de engranajes robusta de Rochester es estándar con engranajes biselados de acero inoxidable envueltos especialmente diseñados para arrojar y hacer funcionar cualquier partícula suelta que pueda afectar la acción. Desde la esfera herméticamente sellada hasta la cabeza de una sola pieza, el cuerpo y el flotador soldado con fusión, cada medidor es especialmente adecuado para la aplicación aditiva y proporcionará un largo servicio sin problemas incluso en el uso más severo. El montaje puede llevarse a cabo en todas las posiciones deseadas donde las circunstancias lo permitan.

Data Sheet
Installation Instructions — MS-501/502
Adapters 22 Series – Senior Forged Steel

Especificaciones generales *

Standard range is -40°F to 176°F, -40°C to 80°C.

Accuracy depends upon proper gauge sizing and is typically ±5% of dial indication. Accurancy may be less due to variations in liquid temperature. Accuracy may be less for some tank shapes and sizes. Accuracy may be less near full and empty. Accuracy may be less if tank is not level. This gauge is not to be used for filling. All accuracy estimates are expressed as a percent of full scale.

Shock & Vibration
Suitable for mobile service applications.

Working Pressure
450 psig [31 Bar]

UL Listing
UL listed for NH3 service.

Materiales de construcción *

Counterbalance & Support Tube
Stainless Steel.


Mounting Screws
Stainless Steel.

All Other Components
Stainless steel, except for nickel plated alnico magnet.

Note: For installation instructions see MS-501/502 (mounting standards).

Al ordenar especifique:

1. Gauge head size, Senior.
2. Tank diameter as shown on nameplate.
3. Mounting location (top, side, end, or angle).
4. If gauge is angle mounted, state degree of angle above or below the horizontal centerline.
5. If gauge is end mounted, state the shape of the tank head, hemispherical or semi-ellipsoidal.
6. The “H” dimension (distance in inches fro the surface of the tank to the gasket surface on the riser).
To order replacement gauge, simply furnish the information stamped on the hex wrenching flats as shown on example.


Note: Gauge head may also be stamped model and unique suffix number.

* Los materiales y especificaciones están sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso. Las clasificaciones de presión están sujetas a cambios debido a la temperatura y otras consideraciones medioambientales.

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