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A6200 Series

Aluminum Support and Float For Non N-Serve Applications up to 41” Diameter Tanks

General Information & Features
Junior Models
These Junior gauges are supplied as standard with a #5323S01848 direct-reading percentage dial, a #0015-00855 Neoprene gasket and four #0040-00414 zinc-plated steel head bolts (1⁄4″ – 28 x 7⁄8″ long) for attachment to a flange with a 2-1⁄32″ [51,5] bolt circle.
A6281 — For top mounting, includes standard magnet to drive direct-reading dials.
A6284 — For side, end or angle mounting, otherwise the same as A6281.

Senior Models
These Senior gauges are supplied as standard with a #0015-00836 Neoprene gasket and four #0040-00415 zinc-plated steel head bolts (5⁄16″ – 24 x 7⁄8″) for a­tachment to a flange with a 2-1⁄2″ [63,5] bolt circle.
A6260 — For top mounting and side-reading dial.
A6280 — For top mounting.
A6283 — For side, end or angle mounting otherwise same as the A6280.

Model A6260 Senior gauges are equipped with #5058S00617 side-reading percentage dials. Models A6280 and A6283 Senior gauges are equipped with #5002S00002 direct-reading percentage dials.

Data Sheet
Installation Instructions — MS-501/502
Adapters 22 Series – Senior Forged Steel

General Specifications*

Standard range is -40°F to 176°F, -40°C to 80°C with optional stainless steel mounting bolts which maybe required for temperatures below -20°F, -29°C.

Accuracy depends upon proper gauge sizing and is typically ±5% of dial indication. Accurancy may be less due to variations in liquid temperature. Accuracy may be less for some tank shapes and sizes. Accuracy may be less near full and empty. Accuracy may be less if tank is not level. This gauge is not to be used for filling. All accuracy estimates are expressed as a percent of full scale.

Shock & Vibration
Suitable for mobile service applications.

Maximum Pressure
375 psig [25,8 Bar]

UL Listing
UL listed for NH3 service.

When Ordering Specify:

1. Gauge head size, Junior or Senior.
2. Tank diameter as shown on nameplate.
3. Mounting location (top, side, end, or angle),
4. If gauge is angle mounted, state degree of angle above or below the horizontal centerline.
5. If gauge is end mounted, state the shape of the tank head, hemispherical or semi-ellipsoidal.
6. the “H” dimension (distance in inches from the surface of the tank to the gasket surface on the riser).

To order a replacement gauge, simply furnish the information stamped on one of the flat sections on the side of the gauge head as shown in the example.

Note: For installation instructions see MS-501/502 (mounting standards).

CAUTION: For applications where NH3 may include small amounts of water or chemical additives, see model A6480 with improved corrosion resistance.

Materials of Construction*

Head & Gear Housing
Aluminum die casting

Centershaft Bearings, Gear, Pinion, Cross Stud, Bearing, Float Bulb & Dial Screws
Stainless steel.

Support, Cenershaft & Float Rod
Tempered aluminum.




Mounting Bolts
Zinc-plated steel. (Stainless steel optional.)

Direct Reading Dials
Hermetically sealed polycarbonate.

Note: Gauge head may also be stamped model and unique suffix number.

*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.

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