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S288 Oil Level Switch Capacitance Type

Oil Level Switch providing sink and/or source output. Fitted with flying leads and customer choice of suitable 3 or 4 pin connector.

The S288 is an active device designed to give an alarm signal if liquid falls below, or rises above, a preset level. It can be specified with a delay to eliminate false alarms due to turbulence. A flying lead enables customers to specify a suitable connector of their choice.

Containing a factory programmable microprocessor, the switch offers sink to ground and / or source voltage output. Its small footprint with limited intrusion into the tank means a reduced risk of damage and a wide range of customer specifiable options make it suitable for most applications.

For optimum accuracy, the S288 should be mounted horizontally at the point where an alarm or control signal is required. However, the switch can be mounted vertically – contact Fozmula with your application requirements.

Data Sheet

Liquid types

Mineral oils, typically used in engines or hydraulic actuators, compatible with brass, PTFE and FVMQ.

Electrical rating

Supply voltage: 9-36 VDC.
Supply current: 7 mA + source output.
Max. load current: 1.0 A (sink) or 20 mA (source).
Alarm delay time: 0 to 25 s rising or falling (factory set).
Connection: Flying lead + customer specified connector.
Power up delay: 0 to 10 s (factory set).
Power up state: ‘In Liquid’ or ‘Out of Liquid’ (factory set).
Output type: Sink (open collector) and/or Source (supply voltage).
Output state: Sink Open / Closed in liquid (factory set).
Source On / Off in liquid (factory set).


See diagram below.

Optional accessories

This switch can be supplied with any suitable mating plug or receptacle to suit customer applications.

Environmental Ratings

Ingress: IP67 (with mating connector fitted).
Max. pressure: 5.0 Bar (72 psi)
Temp. range: -40 °C to +125 °C
Weight: 70 g typical (dependent on thread size)
EMC: ISO13766:2006
Vibration (15.3 Grms) : 3 orthogonal planes for 3 hours per plane
Testing performed in accordance with BSEN 60068-2-64:1993
Drop: 1 m to concrete surface.


Body: Brass.
Probe: PTFE.
Terminals: Brass, Tin Plated.
Seals: FVMQ.
Flying lead entry: PA66 30% Glass Filled Nylon.
Flying lead cables: GXL type cable 18 AWG

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