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T/LL400 - Extended Temperature Range Level Sensor

Vertically mounted liquid level sensor suitable for use in temperatures from -40°C to +125°C. Voltage output with connector options including integrated Deutsch or Delphi Metri-pack or flying leads.

*Alternative Outputs are available on request

The T/LL400 LiquidLevel Sensoris an advanced capacitance sensor that continuously monitors liquidlevel providing a configurable voltage output in the range 0-10 VDC.Compact androbust this sensor is designed to provide accurate and repeatable liquid level data. It is ideal forextended temperature range applications such as monitoringengine oilor coolantin relatively shallow, sumps or tanks.

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compatible with the construction materials, typically engine andhydraulic oils, fuels or coolants.


Length: Min.80mm, Max.300mm.Thread:½” BSPT, ½” BSPP, ½” NPTF, 3/8” NPTF,M14 x 1.5, M18 x 1.5, M22 x 1.5, M26 x 1.5.


Header: 316 stainless steel.
Stem: 316 stainless steel.
Internal electrode: PTFE sheathed stainless steel.
End plug: PTFE.
Wetted seals: Fluorosilicone (FVMQ).
Connector enclosure: 30% glass filled nylon66(where fitted).
Leads: XLPEwires sheathed in nylon 6 conduit(where fitted).Back-shell and connector dependant on series.


Supply Voltage: 9 to36VDC.
Supply Current: 10mA@12VDC+ output load.
Supply Protection: 80 VDC over voltage.
Reverse polarity.
Signal Output: Voltage source. 2 kΩ min load.10 mV resolution.
Range 0to10 VDC@ 24 VDC.
Range 0 to 5 VDC @ 12 VDC.
Output Protection Connections: Short circuit to supply.
Short circuit to ground.
Alarm Output: Switch to ground. Max 100 mA. Default low level alarm at 12% of active length.
Minimum 23 mm distance from end of probe. Minimum 35 mm from datum.

Environmental Ratings

Ingress: Liquid side – IP68, Connector side – IP67.
Operating temp: -40ºC to 125ºC.
Max tank pressure: 1 bar.
EMC: Type approval in accordance with EN ISO 13766:2006.
Vibration: 15.3 grms BS EN 60068-2-4:1995.
Shock: 500 ms-2, 6 ms, BS EN 60068-2-27:1993.
Weight: 0.16 kg (for 300 mm version)

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