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The 6300 Series Magnetel® liquid-level gauges are designed to accurately determine the percentage of total tank volume for most liquids in stationary-storage applications. UL listed for LP Gas and NH3 service.

General Information & Features
These Magnetel® Gauges are available in four basic models:
Model 6336 — Incorporates 4″ [100 mm] dial and is designed for top mounting.
Model 6360 — Incorporates 8″ [200 mm] dial and is designed for top mounting.
Model 6339 — Incorporates 4″ [100 mm] dial and is designed for side, end or angle mounting.
Model 6342 — Incorporates an 8″ [200 mm] dial and is designed for side, end or angle mounting.

大的, 易于阅读的表盘也很容易删除和更换。施工材料因测量液的类型而异。许多不同的可选功能可满足您的特定需求。在价格表6300中, 对每个型号的材料和期权及其定价影响进行了总结。

磁极®仪表专为工作压力而设计, 工作压力范围从大气范围到 450 [31 bar] psig。

有关如何安装 manetel®仪表的说明, 请参阅 #115-820 magnetel®液位仪表安装说明。

Data Sheet
Machining Standards MS-508
Adapters 22 Series – Magnetel Forged Steel
Instruction Booklet 115-820
‘Y’ Supplemental Installation Instructions DS-1062
Magnetel Sales Template – Vertical Tank
Magnetel Sales Template – Horizontal Tanks

前缀编号 应用
没有 工业
A 个 无水氨 (nh3)
C lp-气体和 nh3
P 液化气
D 双头 (液化二氧化碳)
M 移动服务
V 立式储罐
X 跨接安装 (螺栓孔跨越垂直中心线)。
Y 适用于 2 "时刻表80联轴器
后缀号 量具材料 (润湿部件)
-11 电镀钢和不锈钢
-12 300系列不锈钢, 关键部件–316型或更高


1. Liquid to be gauged and specific gravity.
2. Inside diameter of tank heads: ellipsoidal, semi-ellipsoidal or hemispherical.
3. Complete model number desired from price list 6300 (example M6342-11).
4. Prefix letters for available options from price list 6300.
5. If a dial other than standard are required, furnish drawing and/or details.
6. Furnish tank drawings whenever ordering gauges for angle-mounting or for installation in vertical tanks.
7. If tank mounting flange is required, order separately from chart.

* 材料和规格如有更改, 恕不另行通知。压力额定值可能会因温度和其他环境因素而发生变化。

CAUTION: For LP Gas or NH3 applications requiring 2″ NPT connections, specify Y6300 Series Magnetel gauges which includes 0022-00525 schedule 80 adapter assembled to gauge.

NOTE: Y6300 Series gauges will fit through 2″ pipe coupling but will NOT fit through 2″ pipe nipple.