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The M6300 series Magnetel® Rough Rider® gauges were de­signed to with­stand the vi­bra­tion and shock in­her­ent in mo­bile service. Their ser­vice life in both on-highway and off-road transports, car­ry­ing liquids rang­ing from LP-gas to crude oil, is un­-sur­passed. These gaug­es al­low a con­tin­u­ous read­ing be­tween 5% and 95% of tank contents.

General Information & Features
The Magnetel® Rough Rid­er® gaug­es are to be installed in the side or end of mobile tanks at the cen­ter­line. They are equipped with an ex­clu­sive spring controlled shock ab­sorb­er on the float arm which sub­stan­tial­ly reduces the stress that quick­ly de­stroys con­ven­tion­al gauges. Angle mounting gaug­es are also available.

M6339 采用了 4 "[100 毫米] 荧光 R3D®远程就绪拨号。4英寸荧光灯表盘的表盘照明可与 MR 光模块一起使用 (另售)。M6342 采用了标准的 8 "[200 毫米] 表盘。其他拨号选项可用于 M6339 和 M6339。请参阅拨号选项图表。

价目表 M6300 包括有关建筑材料、可用选项以及销售和定价政策的信息。

Magnetel®粗铆钉®仪表专为工作压力而设计, 工作压力范围从大气到 450 [31 Bar] psig 不等。

Data Sheet
Product Competitive Analysis
MS-508 Machining Standards
115-820 Installation Guide

Adapters 22 Series – Magnetel® Forged Steel
Illuminated MR Module Cover


部件 # 描述
5APKS03045 4 "R3D®荧光拨号
5ARXS03045 4 "荧光拨号
5ANTS03047 4 "R3D®银色和黑色拨号
5137S03047 4 "银色和黑色拨号
5 ANGS03044 8 "R3D®银色和黑色拨号
5ARYS03066 8 "荧光拨号
5ARWS03066 8英寸 r3d®荧光拨号
5015 S00481 8 "银色和黑色拨号
0023S00031 4 "R3D®荧光拨号的 MR 光模块


1. Liquid to be gauged and specific gravity.
2. Inside diameter of tank heads: ellipsoidal, semi-ellipsoidal or hemispherical.
3. Complete model number desired from price list 6300 (example M6342-11).
4. Prefix letters for available options fromprice list 6300.
5. If a dial other than standard are required, furnish drawing and/or details.
6. Furnish tank drawings whenever ordering gauges for angle-mounting or for installation in vertical tanks.
7 If tank mounting flange is required, order separately from chart above.

* 材料和规格如有更改, 恕不另行通知。压力额定值可能会因温度和其他环境因素而发生变化。

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