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Jr & Sr R3D Dials – LP

Jr & Sr R3D Dials

The Rochester Remote Ready Dial, R3D® – LP, is a magnetically-driven, Hall Effect compatible dial. Dials are utilized on stationary applications where direct reading plus an electrical signal to a remote fuel level monitor may be required. Models are available to fit all Rochester Junior, Senior and Snap-Onliquid-level gauges.

Rochester’s Hall Effect Module is designed to snap-fit into the recess in the Remote Ready Dial lens. Once installed, the module can provide ratiometric voltage output proportional to the liquid volume inside the tank.

General Information & Features
In the area of LP gas measurement, a magnetic drive feature is important because a magnetic drive allows a signal from the float mechanism inside the tank to be transmitted through a solid bulkhead.

The R3D® – LP dial is designed to allow a second magnetic coupling. This is a coupling from the R3D® – LP pointer magnet, through the sealed lens and into the Hall Effect Module.

Previous designs of magnetically driven dials that produce an electrical output signal had the disadvantages inherent in using variable resistors with a wiper arm contact. The magnetic connection of the Hall Effect sensor is more reliable than systems that depend on the sliding contact of variable resistor devices.

Hall Effect is a solid state technology with no moving contacts. It counts on the fact that a magnet bends the path of electrons moving through a semiconductor. The bending of the electrons can be detected and converted into an electrical signal.

The R3D® – LP and Hall Effect Module can be used as a retrofit on existing LP tank gauges to provide an electrical output which can be utilized for remote monitoring of tank levels. With remote monitoring of tank levels, distributors of LP gas will be able to more efficiently plan deliveries to various consumers.

The R3D® – LP case is hermetically sealed by ultrasonic weld ing to melt and fuse the case into one solid piece. This keeps weather out, en sur ing “no-fog” read abil i ty while greatly extending mechanical life. The seal is a high reliability, no-gasket design.

The plastic case is far more resistant to corrosion than any metal-cased ver sion and is capable of withstanding broad variations in tem per a ture. The lens and case are a spe cial, UV stabilized plastic material.

The R3D® – LP dial is mounted onto Rochester Junior or Senior gauges with #0040-00416 stainless steel dial screws (6 — 32 x 3⁄8″). An ad di tion al item available to ensure weatherproof connections from the module to the remote monitor is heat shrink sol der sleeve part num ber 0025-00495.

Remote Ready Gauge
If you specify new Rochester Sensors with R3D® – LP, Rochester Remote Ready Dials, Hall Effect Modules can be ordered and installed anytime, anywhere.

Data Sheet

General Specifications*

Operating Temperature
-40° to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F).

Voltage output ±4% (full scale) of visual dial indication. (Float gauge errors not included.) See DS-1318 for nominal output voltages corresponding with dial graduations.


Operational Voltage Range
3.5 to 6.0 vdc/ratiometric.

Output Voltage
Ratiometric 5-80% of input voltage @ 5-80% volume.


Operating Current
4.5 mA.

Output Current
±1 MA.

Hall Effect modules are UL Classified as intrinsically safe for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D (Hazardous Locations). See WD-570 for control drawing.

When Ordering Specify:

1. Junior, Senior or Snap-on; Horizontal, Vertical or Below Ground tank.
2. Or part number.

*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.

WARNING! This sensor is not to be used as the primary means of determining high or low fuel condition. It must not be used in the absence of
redundant systems in critical applications where there may be significant safety risk or financial exposure in the event of fuel overfill or fuel exhaustion
condition. This sensor is not to be used for tank filling.

Materials of Construction*

Crystal & Case

Painted aluminum.

How to Order

Remote Ready Dial (R3D®)

Part Number Style Tank
5909s02733 Jr. Horizontal
5986s02733 Sr.
5AAAs02733 Snap-On
5909s02772 Jr. Vertical DOT
5909s02799 Jr. Below Ground

Hall Effect Components**

Model Style Wires
9700-00005 Hall Effect Module Kit: Housing, PCB, Vertical Potting Cap N/A
9701-00014 Hall Effect Modul Potted (Vertical) 6 Feet
9701-00048 Hall Effect Modul Potted (Vertical) w/ Packard connector (15336029) 5 Feet
0023-00537 Straight Potting Cap N/A
0023-00535 Vertical Potting Cap N/A

**Hall Effect Components only available through remote monitor OEM’s.

Warning! For LP-gas and other flammable product service applications, connect only to circuits and power sources Classified and labeled as Intrinsically Safe for Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D hazardous locations. The connection of non-intrinsically safe power could cause fire or explosion of flammable vapor which may be present.

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