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Robogauge 6300 Series

Gauge for 1” NPT Connection forBobtails & Transports

For mobile or stationary applications with manway. Make the change from your 1″ NPT rotary type gauges to a direct-reading float gauge without tank alterations.

General Information & Features
LPG and NH3 tanks can change over to a direct reading float gauge by using Rochester Sensors ROBOGAUGE.

This direct reading float gauge can be mounted in containers that have a 1″ NPT opening and a manway. This is accomplished through the unique design that allows the gauge to be disassembled into two segments, inserting the head assembly from the outside of the container, then reattaching the support and float assembly inside the container.

NOTE: The heavy duty design of this gauge requires entering vessel through man-way during installation.

Data Sheet
115-1212 Installation Instructions
Supplemental Installation Instructions DS-1061

Part Number Application Dial
PPRM-6339-11-XX Mobile 4″
RC-6342-11-XX Stationary 8″

*Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Pressure ratings subject to change due to temperature and other environmental considerations.

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    Revised 04-28-2015